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Wegmans & Grove 98 Updates

Grove 98 is So Much More Than Just Wegmans.

Wegmans has 98 stores. Each one is an experience. If you know. You know. #iykyk The math skills I have lead me to think that if indeed the Chapel Hill, NC opens soon and before the the Wake Forest store does…does that make the Wake Forest store number 100??? That would be so cool. It is one of the larger chains in the US and is mostly located throughout the northeast and is now finding it’s way further south.

The 100,000 foot store being built in Wake Forest is sorta like winning the lottery! Why? Well, Wegmans receives over 4000 requests per year to build a store in a variety of locations throughout the country! Boom! Winner Winner – Chicken Dinner for Wake Forest. (See what I did there? “Chicken Dinner”!?) Ranked #2 on Fortune’s Best Places to Work list, the family owned chain out of Rochester, NY sells up to 70,000 different products. They are known to be heavily involved in supporting the community and teenagers have been known to work for the company for years as Wegman’s has always understood the need to develop young talent and support those focused on academics but also needing to work.

Wegmans Wake Forest Location Grove Ninety-Eight

Recently on a webinar sponsored by the Wake Forest area Chamber of Commerce, Jason Cannon, Town Economic Development Director, stated that the retail opportunities that will be a part of the larger Grove 98 shopping center are all spoken for! That is impressive all by itself. It is more impressive when you take in to account what has happened to retail market during COVID-19.

There is no where to go in Wake Forest any longer where you will not hear the question, when will Wegmans open? Are they hiring? Have you been to a Wegmans? Every water cooler, every coffee pot, every barber shop…the talk is largely revolving about Wegmans and Grove 98. The town and it’s surrounding neighbors are all excited for the May Grand Opening!

Wegmans Wake Forest Location Grove-98 Overview.png

Having been inside Wegmans in many states, I can personally vouch for the incredible selections, customer service and experience. The butcher, the seafood selection, the cheese counter, the wine/beer selection, prepared foods, the bakery, the the the…. It’s all so good and they make the experience enjoyable! One word of warning from members of my family. The first day can be crazy! My wife and then 11 year old son attended the grand opening of the Raleigh store. The bumper to bumper crowd stayed packed all day. Stories of people not being able to get to certain aisles or being pushed by the crowd in an opposite direction were confirmed by my family! While they are fans and also excited…it likely will be several days after opening before they make a visit.

Wegmans Wake Forest Locaton

There is little question that infrastructure has an impact on property values. Wake Forest has experienced a boom in terms of population, infrastructure improvements, new retail, new hotels, new parks etc… Wegmans and Grove 98, along with Loading Dock, the tech center, etc continue to make Wake Forest residents happy. Property values in Wake Forest have enjoyed the growth as well. If you want to know what your Wake Forest home is worth or want to move to Wake Forest, let our residential team know. If you are interested in expanding your business to the Wake Forest market, let our talented Commercial Real Estate team assist you!

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