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Smoky Hollow Returns to Raleigh

Smoky Hollow Returns to Raleigh

Wow!  Breaking News in Raleigh….sort of.   Sort of?  Yes, you see, renowned North Hills developer John Kane has entered into a joint venture with Cross Williams.  A true real estate mogul in this market, Williams has led several large development projects.  This new JV project is being referred to as Smoky Hollow.  A wonderful reference to a time long lost to our history.  A former blue collared neighborhood just north of downtown Raleigh off of Capital Boulevard.  A place where the former Devereux Field once stood…a proud baseball stadium.  Ironically enough there is an early movement today to build a ballpark in that same general area.  This author is theorizing that maybe that’s why Kane and Williams are getting ahead of the “game”.

You see, Kane and Williams have purchased the Southland Ballroom and the ThemeWorks buildings on the site of N. West Street in Raleigh.     let the rumors begin as the duo is being ver closed lip about this project.  Mysterious?  Secretive?  Absolutely!  Will it be a first class project that will change the face of the area?  Absolutely!  Will we here at Kima Commercial stay on top of this story?  Absolutely!

The 1.24 acre lot and buildings sold for $4.6M.  It is a project that is right next to the 2.44 acres already owned by other members of the Williams family.

Want to learn more?  Contact Tommy Dalton at Kima Commercial.  919.336.1700


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